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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a used car in Pune?

The best place to buy certified used cars in Pune is Maruti Suzuki True Value. Every certified used car undergoes 376 quality checks before they are put on sale. You can locate the nearest Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom on our True Value website or app to search and find the best used cars in Pune. Besides this, you can also use the EMI calculator on the True Value app or website to help you plan the finances for your used car purchase.

What will be the starting price of a second hand car in Pune?

You can find several second hand cars in Pune at different prices at Maruti Suzuki True Value. Simply select your budget and find second hand cars in Pune that fall within your preferred budget range. The second hand cars that we enlist on sale in Pune are available with complete details about the car including previous owner history, age of the car, kilometres run, service history etc. Being a one-stop used car buying destination, Maruti Suzuki True Value offers services like finance, insurance and genuine accessories that enhance your car buying experience.

Is it good to buy second hand car in Pune?

In general, buying a used car is always a prudent decision subject to finding high quality pre-owned cars. You can buy a second hand car in Pune from Maruti Suzuki True Value that comes within your budget and caters to your car buying preferences. Every certified pre-owned car sold via Maruti Suzuki True Value in Pune undergoes a thorough evaluation. You can download the True Value app and locate your nearest Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom in Pune to see a wide range of cars available under one roof. You can also explore a plethora of car options available in Pune within your location on the True Value app or website.

How to choose a used car to buy?

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, we offer a wide range of pre-owned cars in Pune that have undergone a thorough evaluation on 376 quality checkpoints. At the same time, every concern about buying a pre-owned car is taken care of when you visit our showroom. You can download the Maruti Suzuki True Value app and buy the best pre-owned cars in Pune by selecting your price range, kilometres range, body type, car age, fuel type, ownership history type, transmission and colour of the pre-owned car. Once you have selected a pre-owned car of your choice, you can simply book a test drive of your selected pre-owned cars in Pune before finalizing your purchase.

Used car prices as on 21 Mar 2022

Price Starting From
₹1 10 000
₹1 20 000
₹2 00 000
₹2 00 000
₹3 35 000
₹6 00 000
₹5 30 000

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