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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years old used car to buy in Jaipur?

In Jaipur, the registration for all used cars, whether they are petrol or diesel, is valid for 15 and 10 years, respectively. If you are planning to buy a used car that is nearing the end of its validity, you will have to get it re-registered in your name, pay green tax, and the RC has to be renewed every five years. To get the ownership transferred, you will have to submit an application to the Regional Transport Office. You can always visit your nearest True Value outlet and speak to our experts to get the right guidance in this regard.

How to buy a used car in Jaipur?

Buying second-hand cars in Jaipur has become very easy with Maruti Suzuki True Value. You can find a wide range of quality pre-owned cars at True Value, where every car undergoes 376 quality checks. This ensures that you get the best second-hand cars in Jaipur that you can rely on and the assurance of Maruti Suzuki to go along with it. As soon as you select the desired car, you can book a test drive through our app or website.

How to find the value of a used car in Jaipur?

With the Maruti Suzuki True Value, buying used cars in Jaipur has become much easier. You can start by browsing the cars available via the Maruti Suzuki True Value website and app and using filters to shortlist the preferred cars within your budget. The starting value of the pre-owned cars in Jaipur is 2 lakh and every certified pre-owned car undergoes 376 checkpoints. True Value follows a digitally-driven approach in terms of services and facilities provided to the customers. .

Is it safe to buy a used car?

When you buy a pre-owned car in Jaipur from Maruti Suzuki True Value, you get the assurance of 376 quality checks, seamless documentation, fair and transparent pricing, and several value-added services. We ensure that True Value customers are provided with the best quality pre-owned cars and an exemplary used car buying experience.

Used car prices as on 21 Mar 2022

Price Starting From
₹2 05 000
₹70 000
₹2 00 000
₹3 45 000
₹72 000
₹1 70 000
₹1 60 000

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